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About The Doc
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Dr. Carlton N. Young is a United States Marine veteran, entrepreneur, and former homeless single father with a young son who has lived through the horrors of homelessness and come out on the other side a successful, much sought after Inspirational Speaker and Author. The foremost Expert on Homelessness in America today, Dr. Young launched his life changing program, Empowered to Succeed through theLife Empowerment Network, International.

A dynamic and entertaining speaker, Dr. Young travels from Atlanta, Georgia throughout the country raising awareness about the root causes of Homelessness in America. His 10 Step Plan of Recovery contains the impressive lessons of personal growth and action needed to step out of homelessness and back into a mainstream life of empowerment. Dr. Young has an impressive clientele including community, civic and business leaders, service associations, church and youth groups, as well as personal consultation to persons facing homelessness with little hope of recovery. 

Dr. Young is the co-author of three books, Unleash The Greatness Within You, from Mediocre To Magnificent and Unleash The Passion For Your Purpose. He shares his message of hope and vision, and his proven methods to overcome adversity and embrace uncertainty, to help those on the edge of homelessness continue to pursue their dreams of security, and how to remain productive and contributing citizens even in times of tremendous hardship.

What makes Dr. Carlton N. Young stand out? "If you are 100% committed to your DREAMS and GOALS; and Have Faith in your Vision and Future, you will find a way to achieve the success you desire. Move from fear to faith, from frustrated to focused, and you'll go from mediocre to magnificent. SUCCESS FINDS A WAY!" Dr. Carlton N. Young, Foremost Expert on Homelessness in America